Fabulous Finds Left Behind

Every time I go to a store and see a house item I like, I usually snap a quick picture of it. As a bit of a rule, I won’t actually buy something unless it has the right price and a proper place to go in my home (or closet). There are, of course, always exceptions to this rule….either it’s so cute or so cheap that some use to it MUST be found!

So I take the pictures to remind myself the item exists, give myself ideas, share with my husband to get his take on it, stalk it till the price goes down, etc. While maybe I can’t afford it or don’t need it or have no current place for it, it just might be the perfect item someone else is looking for…and I did all the work for you! You’re welcome. 😉

I want to share my pics from some good finds around town that I liked but ultimately left behind. However, there are always a select few I go back for. Let me know what items you would have purchased! If you want any further information on anything specific, just ask.  I’m happy to help. 🙂


Not sure what this would work for, mainly because it has so many possibilities, but I find it very cute!

Target- $19.99

 Saw it, loved it, left it, thought about it ,ultimately went back for it. Confession: This is the “exception” I was talking about earlier where I don’t really have a spot for the item right now but I know I love it and the price was good so I had to buy it.

Pier 1 Imports- $700

Loved this studded sofa from Pier 1. It has a great beige color and would look great with any cushion color such as the red currently on display. Would go perfect in my sunken living room if I ever decide to furnish it. 

Miami International Airport

Can you believe I saw this at the airport? Thought it was such a cute vignette for a bookcase and would be perfection in the reading nook I don’t have. :/

Pier 1 Imports - $30.00

Not sure why but I’m totally obsessed with lanterns. There’s not a decoration scheme that they don’t work well in. I’m also not sure why they are so expensive! Buying one is fine but its a collection of them that really start to make your wallet hurt. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

I love paisley. Think it’s so perfect for a guest bedroom. 

Pier 1 Imports

How fun is this little swing thing?

Pier 1 Imports

I don’t necessarily like the pattern of the chair and sofa but love their style and shape and the shaggy rug. What a perfect scenario for a small space right?


If you think this one little white mirror is adorable on its own you should see it as a pair . It’s double the fun and the cuteness. They are so girly and chic! Love. 


This little studded bench is a winner for any space. 

HomeGoods- $299

I love this chaise lounge as I do most chaise lounges that look like this. But who can deal with their crazy price tags? And you know you need at least two. 

Not only is this mini, shaggy rug adorable, it is the softest thing your feet will ever touch. $30 for a bath rug seems a bit much but I’m really thinking about it. The softness was unreal.

HomeGoods- $79.99

Not sure what to label this (miniature computer desk?) but it’s small, cute and possibly very efficent. I’m looking for something to hide my modem, wireless router and cables into and was thinking this might work. 


Who wouldn’t love to swing on this hammock on a warm and breezy day?


I’m kind of in love with this blue garden gnome. I think he really wanted to come home with me. 

Home Design Store- Merrick Park

This studded and tufted sofa had the most gorgeous soft gray color. Ain’t she beautiful? And the picture doesn’t even do her justice…

Home Design Store- Merrick Park

I’m loving this dining room chair. So classy. Highly considering it. 

Pottery Barn

Great rustic table from Pottery Barn. Going for this look in our dining room.

(Side note: If you’re a big FRIENDS fan like me, Pottery Barn might always remind you of The One with the Apothecary Table episode. Remember how much Phoebe hates and then ultimately loves Pottery Barn? lol)

Pottery Barn

Dream backyard retreat set up. If you’re like me, PB is for ideas, not so much for buying. These dreams are pricy. 

Pottery Barn

Great buffet table for dining rom. 

Pottery Barn

More pretty paisley. 

Victoria's Armories

Light wood, rustic table. Lovely. 

Believe it or not, I have lots more snapshots! We’ll save those for next week. Let me know what you liked, loved or loathed!