Weekend Recap: Soaking up the Sun, Full Moon and Nachos

Hi Blog Friends! How was everyone’s weekend? Is it getting hot where you live? It’s getting hot here…really hot. And rainy. Summer= rainy season in South Florida. How about where you are??

Well I hope to pick up my blogging a little bit, so if you’re out there, holla at your girl!

Here’s a little weekend Recap!

This weekend’s Top 5:

1. Food, Friends and Basketball: Friday night we got together with friends to have some drinks, eat some food and watch the Heat vs. Celtics game. Sadly, the Heat lost and the food was crap…but the beer was cold, the company was good and the Tvs were big so all was ok in the world.

2. Mini Getaway: My Mister and I took a little getaway to the Florida Keys. The weather was cloudy Saturday forcing us (allowing us?) to just hang out inside and soak in the AC. Too bad we realized this AFTER I had drenched my body in sunscreen. #super

Clouds and Wind..not a good combo

Sunday we were able to go out and went fishing…or he fished while I lounged on the boat and tried to soak up the sun.

My ninja getting ready to dive…

Hello little fishies!

I’m thinking about buying this house…

It would ONLY be appropriate to get a boat for the house…this one will do.

Till next time, Paradise.

2. Tuna Nachos: Saturday night, we ventured to a local spot that sells the most amazing Tuna Nachos. You can get there by car or boat! How can a food alone get a spot on the top 5 list? Because they are perfection..that’s why.

How amazeballs does that look?!


Restaurant decor

A view from the docks..

4. Full Moon Beach Party: After dinner on Saturday, we headed to the famous Morada Bay Full Moon Beach party. This only happens a few times a year and we were lucky it was going on this weekend. Remember Saturday’s wind that didn’t let us go fishing? Well it worked out beautifully at night as there was a light breeze and a very random mosquito-free night in June.

If you ever get a chance, try to attend one of these Full Moon parties. Bring a blanket like we did and just lay out and listen to the bands playing and watch the performers. Or you can get your drink on and party it up since the music keeps going until about 2 am. Sadly, I don’t have better pictures. My damn iPhone doesn’t work at night it seems.

Party going on…

5. Game of Thrones- The Game of Thrones season 2 finale was on Sunday night! You guys..are you watching this show? Isn’t it so good? The finale didn’t wrap up as many loose ends as I would have liked (it’s like LOST all over again) but I guess that’s what we have season 3 for. Till then, Westeros! I will miss you! Especially you, Robb Stark.

How was your weekend?? Anything super fun?! Did you soak up any sun (or nachos)? It’s so easy to leave a comment! I’d love to hear about it!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

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If there is anything you’d like for me to write about, let me know. Talk to you super soon.