Rustic Dining Room Table

Hi Friends!

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back after popular demand! Well, maybe not that popular and maybe not “demand” per say, but let’s… just …whatever. Stop nitpicking!

Many of you remember my Dining room Decor  post and how I was getting my dream rustic table custom made from my Table Maker Man. Well guess what, it’s finished! I actually received it about 3 weeks ago. It’s so prettty. It’s also so lonely because it doesn’t have any chairs yet. Momma’s working on it though!

Without further ado, meet table

Some nice looking legs uh?!

That is some thick, solid, wood. (I swear I don't mean that to sound dirty)

I'm working on the decor, people...

Well there she is ladies and gents! What do you think? Tell me pleaseeee!

I’d love to hear your opinions on it. I happen to really love the table and while I was a little trepid about how it would turn out, the second I saw it I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

If it looks heavy, that’s beacuse it is! I dragged took the 3 men in my life (Hubs, Dad, Bro) with me to pick it up and even with me helping it was still mucho heavy to bring in. But that’s just a testament to its authenticity, I think.

Now I’m on the hunt for those modern chairs, studded preferably. I saw some BEAUTIFUL ones from Z Gallerie yesterday but way out of my price range. I’m going to stalk them for sales.

This is a nice examle of the things you can find by doing a little research. The table is an original made for me, to my needed dimensions and for way less than stores wanted for something similar. Way. Less.

Thank you Craig’s List for putting me in contact with my Table Maker Man!

If you are interested in getting something like this or similar made, let me know. I highly recomend them. (obvs)

Please tell me what you think below! Thanks peeps! Have a great weekend!