50 Shades of Fun

Just the first 2 words in the post title probably got your attention because unless you’ve been living under a rock (you can come out from under there now) you’ve heard of the book, of the phenomenon, that is 50 Shades of Grey. It’s been called mommy porn, erotic chick lit, porn fluffed up as novel, a marriage saver etc… Whatever you want to call it, the ladies have been flocking to it and author E L James is smiling all the way to the bank.

For you Rock people, here’s what it’s about: It’s your regular story of boy meets girl, girl and boy date, they start to fall in love and face ups and downs in their relationship. Few differences from the usual: The boy is filthy rich -makes $100k an HOUR- and looks like a modern-day Adonis. The girl is just a shy, inexperienced, girl-next-door-looking, clumsy, recent college grad who’s barely ever kissed a boy and happens to catch the eye of said Millionaire Adonis.  Oh and the boy wants to be her dominant lover and do all sorts of kinky things to her in his red room of pain. What? That doesn’t sound romantic? Ah well, to each their own.

There’s, of course, a lot more going on in the story including romance, suspense, mystery and drama but the story, and what you’re reading it for, is pretty much about the less-than-normal relationship between these two characters.

It’s hard to review this book for those that haven’t read it because its hard to appreciate it for more than what it is: a cheap thrill. Is the book going to win any Pulitzer prizes? No. Is it any sort of masterpiece? No. Is it entertaining and fun? Sure.

I happen to believe that the more “vanilla” you are (or have been, it may change after you read it), the more fun the book is because of the incredible fantasy element. Some parts are cheesy and so farfetched that they are downright eye roll worthy (which, if you’ve read the book, you know is ironic) and other parts are literally laugh out loud moments. I think everyone, conservative and open-minded alike, can get a kick out of it.

Most people love it, even if they love it for different reasons. Other people hate it, which I get. I will tell you this…if you’re looking for a book to discuss on girl’s night…this it it!

Between the texts going back and forth for the last few weeks and the Girls Night/Book Club meeting we had this week..here are some of my favorite friend quotes. These are ALL actual texts sent or phrases spoken amongst a group of 7 girlfriends in reference to the book:

Friend: Date Night! (text inserted with a picture of Pleasure Emporium, a Miami sex shop)

Friend 1: I’m ready to start reading the book.  Friend 2: The question is, is your husband ready?

Friend 1: Wait till you read book 2. Still a ton of sex but action to go with it.  Friend 2: Great! Then I can say I am reading a novel instead of straight up porn!

Friend: I’m supposed to be taking care of my child but I can’t put this book down.

Friend:  I need to buy my husband a grey tie…

Friend: Does ANYONE know where I can buy those silver balls?! I can’t find them anywhere!

Friend: I’m with my children right now. Can’t talk sex with you.

Friend: Mommies gone wild just got a whole new meaning!

Friend: This book makes me very tingly in my lady parts.

Friend: Um, my mom is reading the book now. Things just got weird.


Have I mentioned how much I love my friends? Well I do. A lot. They’re hysterical.

Here are some 50 Shades fun courtesy (mostly) of Someecards:

Someecards makes my life better. True story.


Remember how I told you we had a girls night? Well it was complete with actual book talk (a first), sushi, wine, lots of gossip and dessert. What could have been a more appropriate dessert than….. silver balls!



And in case you were wondering, yes they were delicious! AND, no baking involved! You can get the recipe from my Pinterest Board.

If  you haven’t picked up 50 Shades by now, you really should. And make sure your girlfriends are reading it too, makes it so much more fun! It’s also fun to play Casting Director and pick the actors you’d want to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the movie. A big YES to Ian Somerhalder or Chris Hemsworth and a big NO to Dakota Fanning. Hear that Hollywood!?!

If you have read the book and haven’t seen the video of Ellen Degeneres attempting to read it.…you need to stop what you are doing and watch it. Good thing this post is over.

Laters Baby!

Ps. How PERFECT would the title 50 Shades of Gray have been for this post?! If only I had picked up the book earlier.

Quinoa gone Wrong; Shrimp Salsa gone Right

So the title SusyHomeMaker might imply that I am, in fact, a homemaker, which I am not, or that I’m crafty, which I am not, or that I whip up delicious family meals easily and graciously. I do not.

But alas, I do TRY. Actually one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make at least 1 new recipe a week. While I haven’t really stuck to that -or lets be real, any– resolution all that much, every once in a while I will try something new.

I had bought a box of Quinoa a while back and had been wanting to make it since I heard such great things about Quinoa like it has the most protein of any grain and is obviously much better for you than pasta or rice. Also, it’s a great source for minerals and vitamins and its gluten free.

I got a recipe for Quinoa with Asparagus and Preserved Lemon Dressing from my Pinterest Food Board. It’s originally from my girl  Martha Stewart.

Doesn’t she look yummy?

Well mine didn’t exactly turn out the same way. For starters, I didn’t even attempt the Preserved Lemon Dressing because it required lemons that had been perserved for 2 days and then some. For the record, I think the dressing would be delicious.

Here’s how I did it:

Steamed 1 lb of Asparagus and then placed it on a bed of ice

1 cup of Quinoa

Chopped up 1 red onion (insert tears)

Combined the Quinoa and the onions in a large skillet with oil

Added 2 cups of water and brought it to a boil.

I was then supposed to reduce the heat and cover the skillet and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Usually when a reciepe comes out wrong or different from what I had anticpated, I don’t know where 1 went wrong. In this case, I’m pretty sure I went wrong right here because this particular pan I used doesn’t have a top and so I “covered it” with aluminum foil. Dumb move. It’s really not the same thing but I was trying to imporovise.

In the end I tossed together the asparagus and some pine nuts

And this is how it looked..

Not exactlly this this uh?

I will say this: Even without the preserved lemon dressing (though I did squeeze lemon into it) and even without covering it properly and therefore hindering its potentional..it still didnt taste bad at all. I think once I perfect it, Quinoa and I will get along really well.

You konw what I get along with really well right now, Skinny Shrimp Salsa from Skinny Taste. It’s bacially just tomatoes, onions,  and cilantro then topped with shirmp. We (“we” being our family) usually call this mix “tomatico” while other’s call it Pico de Galo Whatever you call it, it tastes fresh and delicoius and so easy to make.

How glorious does this look?

Mine looks just as good I think! (I left out the peppers)

You can top it over pretty much anything or eat it alone with crackers or chips. Like Gina from Skinny Taste says, the possibilities are endless. Click on the recipe and try it if you haven’t already!

Side note: Although I am not a vegetarian, I just realized that both of these recipes are vegetarian freindly. So there you go, V’s!

Have you guys made any good recipes lately? Any suggestions for one I can try for my next battle in the kitchen?

Let me know!

Bon Appetite!

Weekend Recap: Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrities…oh my!

Happy Monday Blog Friends! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was pretty great, eventuful and yet relaxing which is always the BEST combination (IMO).

Here are the top 5 highlights:

1. I went on a Date Day with my sweet hubby. What is Date Day you ask? It’s like Date Night…but during the day (that was a tough one uh?). On Saturday (during the day, for those not keeping up) we went for a nice lunch and then to the movies. Ah, Date Day. I love it.

Seared Tuna Salad with Avocado and Mango

Grouper topped with rock shrimp

It had to be done. And yea, they were as good as they look.

(Side note: We watched the movie The 5 Year Engagement. Review: Not the romantic comedy you might be used to and maybe a little long yet it doesn’t drag at all..in the end I enjoyed it. Truly, I did.)

2. Saturday night I celebrated my good friend’s upcoming wedding with a wedding shower/bachelorette party of sorts. It was a intimate girls dinner held at a friend’s house and the theme was London, Paris and Italy as that’s where she’s headed for her honeymoon. We had dinner, wine, a lingerie party and lots of girl talk. Can you ever go wrong with those things?



Homemade lasagna..

(Another side note: This is a complete and utter departure from our usual bachelorette parties. Maybe we’re getting old? Or maybe we’re just trying to stay out of trouble? Hmmm..)

3. Friday (and Saturday) we celebrated my sister in law’s birthday with a family barbeque and drinks at a bar, respectively. Guess who we ran into at the bar?! Micheal freaking Jordan! Pretty cool uh? My celebrity sightings seem to be few and far between so I thought it was cool that we saw him and that he was hanging out at a normal bar like the rest of us. Of course the rest of us didn’t have 2 bodyguards with us at all times, but whateves. Sorry, no pics available!

4. Lazy Sunday. Sometimes I think that term was invented for me. Either that or I perfected it. After so many activities on Friday and Saturday I was looking forward to lounging a bit on Sunday and boy was the weather cooperative to that plan. It did NOT stop pouring rain ALL day long.  We made brunch -including mimosas of course- and lounged on the couch watching movies. Sounds fantastic to you? It was. Doesn’t sound fantastic to you? You’re wrong..it was. 😉

5. My sister’s birthday is today (Happy Birthday!) and so we had a family dinner on Sunday to celebrate. Turns out..she also got engaged on Sunday!!!!! He put a ring on it, people!

Food, family, wine, wedding talk, my yummy neices..and I’d say that’s a good wrap on a great weekend.

What did you guys do? Anything fun and exciting? Did anyone watch The 5 Year Engagement or another movie? Anyone lounge for most of the day just like me? Let me know! I love hearing details of people’s weekend! For reals!

Rustic Dining Room Table

Hi Friends!

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back after popular demand! Well, maybe not that popular and maybe not “demand” per say, but let’s… just …whatever. Stop nitpicking!

Many of you remember my Dining room Decor  post and how I was getting my dream rustic table custom made from my Table Maker Man. Well guess what, it’s finished! I actually received it about 3 weeks ago. It’s so prettty. It’s also so lonely because it doesn’t have any chairs yet. Momma’s working on it though!

Without further ado, meet table

Some nice looking legs uh?!

That is some thick, solid, wood. (I swear I don't mean that to sound dirty)

I'm working on the decor, people...

Well there she is ladies and gents! What do you think? Tell me pleaseeee!

I’d love to hear your opinions on it. I happen to really love the table and while I was a little trepid about how it would turn out, the second I saw it I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

If it looks heavy, that’s beacuse it is! I dragged took the 3 men in my life (Hubs, Dad, Bro) with me to pick it up and even with me helping it was still mucho heavy to bring in. But that’s just a testament to its authenticity, I think.

Now I’m on the hunt for those modern chairs, studded preferably. I saw some BEAUTIFUL ones from Z Gallerie yesterday but way out of my price range. I’m going to stalk them for sales.

This is a nice examle of the things you can find by doing a little research. The table is an original made for me, to my needed dimensions and for way less than stores wanted for something similar. Way. Less.

Thank you Craig’s List for putting me in contact with my Table Maker Man!

If you are interested in getting something like this or similar made, let me know. I highly recomend them. (obvs)

Please tell me what you think below! Thanks peeps! Have a great weekend!

Spring Weekend Fun

Hi blog amigos! How was everyone’s weekend? I’m totally aware that today is Tuesday but a small tidbit about me…my week starts on Tuesday.  Yes, I have a regular 9-5, Monday thru Friday job like the rest of you but my brain starts functioning on Tuesday. Monday’s are like the transition period back into the week and Tuesday is when I get moving.  I barely ever make it to the gym on Mondays, I barely ever make it to work on time on Mondays, I hardly ever pull off a home cooked meal on Mondays, etc…

Monday’s are especially difficult after such a super fun weekend.  You all remember what a drag last weekend was and how I hoped this one would be livelier? Well it was!

Here are the Top 5 things I did:

1. Took my 7 year old niece shopping for her 1st pair of Toms shoes. Apparently, all the kids in her school have them and her favorite uncle (my hubby) promised her a pair if she got a great report card. She’s in 1st grade, people. It ain’t that hard.  😉

So we took her to buy her shoes, had yummy dinner, watched The Muppets movie, and had a sleepover! Super fun, cuddly times. And if you’re keeping score of who owns Toms, it’s Niece-1, Auntie -0. :/

2. Installed a hammock! One of our favorite things about the new house is the backyard and all the fruit trees that we have. Someone gifted us a great hammock when we first moved in and the first weekend of spring seemed like a good time to install it. With the afternoon breeze and the shade of the fruit trees, swaying in the hammock was nothing short of heaven. Needless to say, once we went out there, there was no going back indoors. My niece was still with us and we all had a picnic, hoola hooped, played games and had a truly wonderful afternoon outdoors.

3. Saw The Hunger Games! If you’ve read the books, then you know. If you haven’t, then I’m sure you’ve at least heard all the hoopla. There’s usually hoopla for a reason. Because its good. Really good. The books were fantastic and the movie was great. Was the book better? Yes. The book is always better but it was still a great adaptation. Go see it! Better yet, go read it!

4. Saturday night we went out for drinks to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We had a great time in a new (or new to me) bar called Crave. The outdoor seating and ambience were perfect and the weather was delightful! I was sitting talking to a friend when I look across the street at some people waiting for valet and thought it was funny how much their silhouettes resembled that of my parents. I kept thinking, wow that looks so much like them. Except that wouldn’t be them because my parents don’t go to restaurants where there’s valet. They’re simple folks, my folks. But wouldn’t you know it..it was them! Funny run-in if you ask me!

Later that night, when our bar bill reached 3 figures (no food, JUST drinks) we decided it was time to go. And never, ever go out again.

5. Sunday was my sister in law’s birthday and we went to my brother’s house for a pasta dinner with the family. More play time with my sweet little niece!

Then it was back home to watch the Mad Men season premiere. Oh Don Draper, you just get more handsome by the second don’t ya? Can I please be your next secretary? Please?!








So that’s all peeps! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. Next weekend I think I’ll be back to house work (blah). At least we installed the hammock this weekend…that’s something productive right? Oh and got a small, small start to painting the living room with the chosen gray color.

I have some new Fabulous Finds Left Behind that I’ll share with you this week as well.

Have a great week!

Parents and Painting Weekend


Hi Blog friends. Hope you all had a nice weekend. (Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. I aimed for Monday but didn’t I make it.) I had a terrible weekend. Or a great weekend. I guess it really depends what angle you look at it from. Fun angle= terrible weekend. Productive angle= great weekend.

Though I am completely exhausted from non-stop house work this weekend, it is nice to look back and see all that was accomplished. I barely have enough energy to write this post so bear with me. (At least when I started it I felt that way. That’s probably why it took me 3 days.)

My weekend started of with some overnight guests…mom and dad! My parents were getting their house tented for termites and they stayed with us Friday night into Saturday.  I was a little apprehensive about how this would work, the four of us, plus the dog, under 1 roof, but it was totally fine. I came home friday afternoon to find my mother had swept up my whole house, although I myself had swept, vacuumed and mopped the night before. She was apparently doing me the favor of hitting up the few spots I obviously missed.

Ah, Mothers.

The next morning I made a big breakfast for everyone, a few rounds of cuban coffee and put everyone to work!

Check out my spanish tortialla with ham, potatoes, onions. Special shout out to my friend Xen for the “reciepe”!

My dad and hubby got to work putting together this super huge and super awesome umbrella we bought for the pool deck. Along with our new chaise lounges, this may become my permanent “spot” all spring and summer long! Check out my dad and hubby testing it out.

Que Buena Vida! (What a good life!)

Looks good, uh? This scene would continue to call my name all weekend though I was never able to enjoy it.

We then proceeded to clear out our dining room so that we could install our West Elm lamp AND paint the dining room and sunken living room.

Empty Dining Room

Sunken Living Room/Staging area

Unlike my picking a gray color fiasco, I wanted a neutral beige for the dining room and got the color right on the first shot. Go me! It’s called Parisian Taupe from Behr. Even the name is fab!

The lamp from West Elm was finally taken out of its box and we then discovered that every single one of what I estimate to be about 300 of the lamp’s crystals were individually packaged and had to be unwrapped. Not sure if that explanation makes sense. Here is the lamp.

See the little hanging crystals? EACH one was wrapped. So I sat there unwrapping and then my mom helped and I swear we were at it for at least 45 minutes. Wow!!

Half way thru unwrapping

Ta da!

Part 1 of the lamp...

Screwing it in...

Look how dang pretty it looks up!!!!

Don't mind the ladder, chair, roller, etc..

Starting to love this room already!

Next we started prepping to paint. Wow, did I forget what a pain in the arse painting is. Prepping, edging, painting, cleaning, repeating steps, etc…



Mom’s helping me spackle paste a few holes in the wall. Did these old folks think the rent was free at this hotel?! Nope…get to work, Parentals!

The Dog is really tired from helping out too.

By the time Saturday night rolled around, I felt exhausted and defeated. I only got as far as 1 coat in the dining room plus a 2nd coat on one wall.

Painting, Painting, Painting...

Though it was St. Patricks Day, I consumed NO beer & wore NO green.


I did, however, manage to sneak in some wine (of course I did). Just a girl, her painting tools and some vino on a Saturday night.


Sunday I got up and got right back to it! More painting!  My poor hubby got sick somewhere along the way and was laying down with a cold most of the day as I persevered on and continued painting ( I like to make myself sound like Joan of Arc or something uh? Settle down there with the sensationalism, Susy).

Luckily, my hubby felt better later and helped me finish up the other room. I had bought enough paint for 4 different rooms and even thought we worked all weekend, I barely got thru two rooms. My goals were apparently too ambitous.

And *don’t* think it was an ugly weekend outside, either! It was beautiful and sunny and totally beach or pool appropriate. This is what I wish I was doing this weekend!


It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it! (I don’t sarcastically mean the lounging, I literally mean the painting). I could have (almost did) pay someone else to paint for me but I figured this is one of the few things I can do myself so let’s save some dough.

Can’t wait to share the final room look with you guys! It’s gonna be great! Here’s a sneak peak.

Lamp light on...

Light off...

This is the temporary table. Remember, my rustic table is getting made by my table maker man!

I can’t wait to aim to do something normal next weekend like go to the movies (hello Hunger Games!!) or eat something other than take out! Fingers crossed!

What do you think of the color?  Any suggestions? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Have a great rest of the week!


Summa, Summa, Summertime!

It’s almost Summer time ya’ll!! (Did I just say ya’ll? Sorry, I’ve been catching up on Friday Night Lights and it must have stuck). Here in Miami we’re pretty lucky that its basically summertime all year round. This past Sunday, I spent the whole day at the beach and even though it’s mid-March, that’s totally normal! It’s a beautiful thing.  The only difference from now to real summer is that the water is still a little cold, at least for us Floridians it is -northerners come and think its warm.

Either way, it has me thinking about the very soon approaching beach and boating season. Additionally, we are blessed that our new house has a pool so I’m expecting lots of pool parties and bbqs this year!

Here are some essentials I’m thinking every summertime gal/dude needs to put on their list:

Chaise lounges: A must for good tanning! I’ve been trying to hunt down a “cheap chaise lounge” forever but I’m starting to think that phrase is an oxymoron because wow, those things are pricy! I finally scored two decently priced ones last week at Big Lots.

Here are some dream set loungers and set ups.

Love the look of the uniform loungers.

These modern loungers are low to the ground yet, they look real comfy!

Now that's comfort...for two!

These are from Pottery Barn but click thru to ShantyChic for a how to DIY!

1 umbrella, 4 chaise lounges, an end table, a beautiful background and landscape and of course, a gorgeous pool complete with waterfalls. Yea, I think this would work for me.

Love how there are loungers spread out all over the pool area.

This is one of the more affordable ones I've come across. $129 from Walmart.com. Not sure how sturdy that looks though...

Now that I have a pool, I’m looking into purchasing some fun pool items besides just noodles. Pool activites have really changed from my childhood days of playing games like Marco/Polo and Chicken! While those are still fun, here are some updated pool fun items I’d love to get my hands on!

A rock climbing wall! How freaking cool is that?!

You already have your shades on so its the perfect place to work on your Poker face!

This is for a game I like to call, Drink and Relax. This is my favorite game.

Beer pong anyone?! I actually own this little gadget! I've only played it in the ocean which didn't work out well because of the constant motion but can't wait to use it in the pool!

No summer gal or guy is complete without a cute summer outfit! Here are some summer acessories I’d love to see in my closet!

This cute $10 fedora from Target is on my things to buy list! A cute summer hat is a MUST to shield your face from those UV rays!

Bright colored bikini from VS (Sorry, body not included. I already asked).

The perfect summer shoe is the wedge. How cute are these from Target for $25?!

Did you know that Toms makes more than just shoes? Neither did I! $139 @ Nordstrom

How gorgeous are these Kendra Scott earrings? I have them in black but love this aqua color for summer!

Love this nautical bag...perfect for a summer weekend getaway!

Speaking of nautical, how cute is this simple, braided bracelet?

Once it hits mid April or so, I send my jeans into hibernation. It's just shorts, skirts and dresses from there! This is the perfect summer outfit. Light and airy.

I inserted this photo and then realized I have those shoes!! Total coincidence, I swear! Anyways, I knew I would get sidetracked into other non-home topics. To be fair, I did warn you.

But finishing up, here are a few more images to drool over. Summer lovin’ indeed!

Since one of my favorite pastimes is napping, this looks like an ideal tool for summer afternoons.

Speaking of napping, this would work nicely too. Actually, it would work perfectly.

How perfect is a private, outdoor shower after a day in the pool?

Remember those summer barbecue's I planned on having? Well how nice would they be with a built in bbq in the backyard?! Um, Yes. Please.

Well we have a lot of summer lovin’ ideas there. Some doable, some doable for the future. The far future. Either way, it’s nice to think of warm summer days, grilling with friends, cooling off in water (whether it be the ocean, lake, pool or a fire hydrant) and soaking in the sun- with sunscreen of course.

What are you some of your summer essentials?

Dining Room Decor

My dining room is a part of my house I’m really excited to see come together because it has so much potential. Usually, I’m all over the place with ideas but for the dining room, I’ve known for a while what I want: Rustic Table, Modern Chairs.

I saw this combo at some point and loved it ever since. Every time I see it, I love it more and I’m sure that’s what I want. But even when you know the style you want, finding the exact pieces is always hard. My biggest fear is finding what I want and the next day, month, or year, finding something I liked better. I guess it’s inevitable so picking something you are sure you love right now is the closest you’ll get to a guarantee.

What does the rustic table/modern chairs combo look like? Well like this…

Pottery Barn. $3,173.00 – $4,253.00

This is the dream table, chairs and lamp. The Dining Room Dream.

Pottery Barn. $999 for table.

World Market

Via Pinterest

Not a fan of those chairs but its the right concept.

Via Pinterest

Victoria's Armoire

I had also seen, probably on Pinterest, this modern lamp that I really liked from West Elm. As a bargain shopper, West Elm is a source for ideas more than a place for purchasing. I love most of their pieces but few of their prices. However, I did love this lamp. And my husband loved it too. A double love equals a buy. It’s simple math, folks.

West Elm- $300.00

So this pretty little lamp has been sitting in its ugly little box for about 6 months now.

It’s not one of those “we haven’t gotten around to it” type of things (though we have plenty of those), its just that we wanted to wait until we had the dining table and chairs to install the lamp, basically to do the whole room at once. Well, I’m really happy to say that at least the lamp seems to be coming out of its box this week and hopefully, going up! While I don’t have the table or chairs just yet, I am very very close!

Trying to find this rustic table has not been easy. It’s been almost as hard as finding a true gray color (we all remember that saga).

I had actually found my dream table at Restoration Hardware- another store that is for looking at pretty things but not touching any of them and much less buying them.

Aren't I so pretty?!

You can imagine my heartache when I walked into my local Restoration Hardware store for the first time, saw the dream table I had seen online, found out that particular store was closing and everything on the floor was 50% off including the table, immediately saying “I’ll take it!” and then having the salesperson tell me it was already sold. I tried bribing negotiating begging asking the salesman in a totally normal way if there was any chance that I could buy the table or any chance the person who originally purchased it had perhaps changed their minds. He said no. Like 10 times.

So much for that.

After recuperating and moving on, I continued to surf the web, peruse the stores, check out pins and even search on Craig’s List every once in a while. I actually thought Craig’s List would be my best bet since I was looking for style AND price and it turned out that I was right, but not exactly in the way I had thought. Instead of scoring a great deal on a used or new rustic table, I found someone to make me one. Ahhhhh!

And way cheaper than any I’ve seen anywhere.

Double Ahhhhh!!

I went to meet my table maker man and check out his work and it was legit! We worked out a good price and a nice style and my table is literally getting built as I type and you read. Yay!

Now I jut have to find my dream chairs….in the dream price.  I’m sure it’ll be super duper easy. 😉

Here are some ideas!

World Market- 2 for $279.88

Home Decorators. $79.00 (sale)

Ikea- Henriksdal $69.99

Love, love, love, love, love. Restoration Hardware- $$399 - $479

World Market 2 for $299.98

West Elm $169.00 – $676.00 (On Sale) Love the blue/gray color.

Z Gallerie $299.00

Z Gallerie $349.00

Wish me luck!

Fabulous Finds Left Behind

Every time I go to a store and see a house item I like, I usually snap a quick picture of it. As a bit of a rule, I won’t actually buy something unless it has the right price and a proper place to go in my home (or closet). There are, of course, always exceptions to this rule….either it’s so cute or so cheap that some use to it MUST be found!

So I take the pictures to remind myself the item exists, give myself ideas, share with my husband to get his take on it, stalk it till the price goes down, etc. While maybe I can’t afford it or don’t need it or have no current place for it, it just might be the perfect item someone else is looking for…and I did all the work for you! You’re welcome. 😉

I want to share my pics from some good finds around town that I liked but ultimately left behind. However, there are always a select few I go back for. Let me know what items you would have purchased! If you want any further information on anything specific, just ask.  I’m happy to help. 🙂


Not sure what this would work for, mainly because it has so many possibilities, but I find it very cute!

Target- $19.99

 Saw it, loved it, left it, thought about it ,ultimately went back for it. Confession: This is the “exception” I was talking about earlier where I don’t really have a spot for the item right now but I know I love it and the price was good so I had to buy it.

Pier 1 Imports- $700

Loved this studded sofa from Pier 1. It has a great beige color and would look great with any cushion color such as the red currently on display. Would go perfect in my sunken living room if I ever decide to furnish it. 

Miami International Airport

Can you believe I saw this at the airport? Thought it was such a cute vignette for a bookcase and would be perfection in the reading nook I don’t have. :/

Pier 1 Imports - $30.00

Not sure why but I’m totally obsessed with lanterns. There’s not a decoration scheme that they don’t work well in. I’m also not sure why they are so expensive! Buying one is fine but its a collection of them that really start to make your wallet hurt. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

I love paisley. Think it’s so perfect for a guest bedroom. 

Pier 1 Imports

How fun is this little swing thing?

Pier 1 Imports

I don’t necessarily like the pattern of the chair and sofa but love their style and shape and the shaggy rug. What a perfect scenario for a small space right?


If you think this one little white mirror is adorable on its own you should see it as a pair . It’s double the fun and the cuteness. They are so girly and chic! Love. 


This little studded bench is a winner for any space. 

HomeGoods- $299

I love this chaise lounge as I do most chaise lounges that look like this. But who can deal with their crazy price tags? And you know you need at least two. 

Not only is this mini, shaggy rug adorable, it is the softest thing your feet will ever touch. $30 for a bath rug seems a bit much but I’m really thinking about it. The softness was unreal.

HomeGoods- $79.99

Not sure what to label this (miniature computer desk?) but it’s small, cute and possibly very efficent. I’m looking for something to hide my modem, wireless router and cables into and was thinking this might work. 


Who wouldn’t love to swing on this hammock on a warm and breezy day?


I’m kind of in love with this blue garden gnome. I think he really wanted to come home with me. 

Home Design Store- Merrick Park

This studded and tufted sofa had the most gorgeous soft gray color. Ain’t she beautiful? And the picture doesn’t even do her justice…

Home Design Store- Merrick Park

I’m loving this dining room chair. So classy. Highly considering it. 

Pottery Barn

Great rustic table from Pottery Barn. Going for this look in our dining room.

(Side note: If you’re a big FRIENDS fan like me, Pottery Barn might always remind you of The One with the Apothecary Table episode. Remember how much Phoebe hates and then ultimately loves Pottery Barn? lol)

Pottery Barn

Dream backyard retreat set up. If you’re like me, PB is for ideas, not so much for buying. These dreams are pricy. 

Pottery Barn

Great buffet table for dining rom. 

Pottery Barn

More pretty paisley. 

Victoria's Armories

Light wood, rustic table. Lovely. 

Believe it or not, I have lots more snapshots! We’ll save those for next week. Let me know what you liked, loved or loathed!

I’ve Got The Blues Over Gray

I’m feeling gray.

But not in the way you think!

Also, I’m starting to think that every one of my posts might include the word Pinterest but oh well, can’t help it. It’s where all my inspiration for home, and otherwise, comes from. After I first discovered Pinterest ( coincidentally and amazingly RIGHT as I was putting an offer on a house I now live in) and started pinning away, I realized that there was a common theme amongst A LOT of my For The Home pins : The color gray.

I’ve always really liked the color gray for whatever reason and own a few gray tops and what not but had never taken a real look at it as a color scheme in home decor. My previous home had no gray color.

It’s funny because when you think of gray, it kind of alludes to feelings of dullness, cloudy days and just all around mopey-ness (yea, I don’t think that’s a word either).

But its actually nothing of the sort! A large percentage of my current, and lets assume future, pins include gray and they all look AMAZING!! Least I think so. Every time I see it in a room, I love it! It’s subtle enough that it goes with mostly everything and yet pops enough to make a difference. It goes beautifully with colors like yellow and pink.

So when I first moved into our new house a few months back, I decided I was going “to go gray”. Problem was, I wanted ALL the rooms gray. I mean, it seriously matches everywhere! Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Living Room- dark floors

Living Room -light floors

Baby room

Dining Room

Guest Bedroom

Reading Nook


Master Bedroom

And so on!

Told ya.

But even *I* know it sounds crazy (and gloomy) to want to paint all the rooms in your house gray so I decided I’d go with the the bedroom I spend the most time in (mine) and the living room area. Easy right? Not so much. Took me, correction, its taken me, FOREVER to pick the “perfect gray”. Think i’m kidding? Again, I’m not….

Ah, my wall of colors. And this is just a section of it! Also mixed some browns and whites I’m testing for the dining room & kitchen respectively.

So after settling (because of time constraints) on a gray-leaning-towards-blue color for the bedroom, its time to pick the one for the living area. A true gray this time. NO settling.

The bedroom has dark wood floors with dark furniture so I thought it warranted a lighter gray color. The living room however has light floors with white furniture so I think it merits a darker gray. Enter more inspiration:

White couch and light floors like me- Pin

How gorgeous are those chairs and that whole Christmas look?!!- Pin

Love how this room looks both sophisticated and cozy. Ah, those soft colors.- Pin

So. Freaking. Beautiful. Seriously, a dream! – Pin

The dark gray looks phenomenal against the light couch and window treatments.- Pin

I would NEVER have thought that finding a true gray would be that hard. When I say “true” gray I mean a color that it doesn’t have tones of any other color. That I’ve even spent so much time on this blog taking about it is baffling! But alas, it is true. So this past weekend I tried two more colors. I keep going to Home Depot and buying samples. Thank goodness that they’re about $2.50 a pop. I’ve bought about 10 of them. Think I’m kidding? Again, I’m not.

None of these were a true gray.

I then see on Pinterest this picture of the look I was going for AND it actually had the exact name of the paint color: Early Morning Mist! Perfect right?

Early Morning Mist- allegedly a true gray from Ben Moore.

I skipped Home Depot and went specifically to a Benjamin Moore paint store and bought their $7.99 sample paint in Early Morning Mist. I had also gone to Benjamin Moore’s website and looked up Early Morning Mist and it didn’t really look gray at all but I figured , eh its probably just the computer distortion.

So went home, painted the wall and although it was grayish, it wasn’t like the picture. At all.

Back on Pinterest, I see the SAME picture with a DIFFERENT color name.

Meet Revere Pewter.

Lesson learned: I should not trust everything I see on Pinterest to be completely accurate. Please take pins with a grain of salt.

Anyyyyyyways, long story shorter, I painted a bigger sample area to try to get a better visual hoping that this visual wold help me truly decide and not just settle which I felt myself on the verge of doing.

These are Early Morning Mist by Benjamin Moore (I paid $7 for that sample, I wanted to believe it was “the one”) and Behr’s Gentle Rain, which is the darker one on top.

So I think, I THINK, I’ve decided Gentle Rain.

What do you think blog world? Do we like? Is it a true gray, not too dark, not too light? Think it will go well with the light floors and light furniture? Crown Molding would make it even nicer but that’s still on the future To Do List.

So before I make that leap of faith, before I go all the way, before I commit..what do you all think?????

Help a sista out!

Thanks! Have a great week!