Welcome July

With the start of a new month, there are always new possibilities. It’s almost like a mini New Years Eve, every 30 days or so.

Going with that idea (as far fetched as it may sound), I’ve been making mini “Goals for the Month” lists every month, similar to a New Years resolution list.

A little motivation never hurt nobody.

Here is my list for this month.

What’s on yours?


1- Get a tan. Real, fake or otherwise. You are Hispanic and you live in the Sunshine State. There is no excuse for your paleness.

2- Get bike fixed. It’s just way too hot for running.

3- Read at least 2 books. There’s literally nothing on TV. You have no excuse. Just started this one.

4- Blog more. Well, this post is a good start…

5- Ebay all the things you’ve been meaning to sell. It’s possible money just sitting there.

6- Pictures. Learn to take better ones thru online classes, You Tube videos and other tutorials. About.com always has good links.

7- Be healthier. Eat more fruits, less carbs. Wake up to workout at least3-4 times a week.

There you have. Short and sweet…and manageable.

Happy 4th of July week, friends!

Recipe Review: Cauliflower Soup

via Iowa Girl Eats

I’ve been really into soups lately. This hasn’t happened by accident, it’s actually due to a little gadget I got for Christmas. A lot of the soup recipes I was coming across would finish blending their soup with an Immersion Blender or Hand Blender. I knew I had to have one of these toys. I put one on my Christmas wish list and voila!, a soup maker was born. Because really, making soup and then transferring it in batches to a blender? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The Immersion Blender is a wonderful tool that lets you blend right in the very pot you made the soup. I will do another post in the future about the Immersion Blender and how wonderful it is. Ironically, this soup doesn’t require blending so not sure how we got into all that. This is a Cauliflower Chowder from the blog Iowa Girl Eats. It is supposed to be a healthy substitute for Baked Potato Soup.

Here’s my pin with the link to the recipe and here’s how it went for me.

IMG_1136Here are your main ingredients chopped up: Cauliflower (duh), Onion, Celery and Cheddar Cheese.

It also calls for chicken broth, milk, garlic, hot sauce and bacon. Hmmm, bacon.

IMG_1135Can’t you just hear that bacon sizzle?

IMG_1137In the same pan as the bacon, heat the onion and celery

IMG_1138Then add the cauliflower

IMG_1140Mix in the remaining ingredients and throw the bacon in there

IMG_1143Garnish with some cheddar cheese, more bacon and green onion.

And there, my friends, you have yourself a nice little cauliflower soup. Of course that’s my Cliff Notes version of the recipe. Check out Iowa Girl Eats for the full version.

My overall thoughts on this soup are that it was good but then again, what with bacon on it isn’t good? Maybe I give the bacon too much credit but I think it would have been a bit bland without it. But I guess that for a replacement soup that is much better for you than starchy potato soup, it’s a great tasting alternative and I would recommend it.

As I said, I’ve been making a lot of soups lately and while it wasn’t my favorite soup ever, it was definitely good and I would try again in the future. Besides my new soup gadget toy, which again wasn’t used here, I’ve been making a lot of soups for easy Meatless Monday meals.  (I know this one has bacon and so not completely meatless but just go with it).  I will definitely share more of those Meatless Monday meals as well.

Please let me know if YOU have any recipe suggestions!

And yes, I will work on taking better pictures.

Happy Monday.

Wordy Wednesday: The Struggle

The struggle is always part of the story and if you ask me, it makes the victory that much sweeter.

Happy Wednesday, Friends.

Colors of a Farmer’s Market

This past Sunday, I went to my local farmer’s market to stock up on fruits and veggies for the week. I started snapping pictures when I noticed what a beautiful array of colors there were everywhere. Don’t these pictures just make you crave fruits and veggies? Did you also think that cravings were reserved for the likes of Oreos and fried chicken? Yea, me too. But apparently, healthy is crave-able too! Who knew.

I only recently started going to Farmers’ Markets to stock up on my greens and I’m really glad I have. It feels good to know that your money is staying local and going straight to the framers and growers. Plus, the veggies have much fewer pesticides.

I also love that the vendors at the Farmers’s Market are always willing to help you, point out what’s fresh, give you ideas on a different way of using your veggies and let you try the product if you’re not familiar with it. If fruits and veggies aren’t really your thing, they also sell products like homemade guacamole (SO SO good), seafood, range free meat, orchids, plants, candles, olive oil, etc…!

Most of the veggies we buy is used for juicing. Yes, I juice! (As in I juice vegetables, not do steroids. Just in case.) Juicing was a little bit of a challenge at first, just figuring out what recipes to use. And while the internet helped a bit, in the end it was all about experimentation and trial and error.

I’d love to hear how you get your filling of fruits and vegetables? Maybe I’ll share some of my favorite recipes on another post. For those in the South Florida area who’d like to check it out, my pictures are from Pinecrest Gardens Market open on Sundays. It’s nicer to pursue an outdoor market now that it’s the fall season! (Oh who am I kidding, it’s still 90 degrees out.) Still worth it for the guacamole though!


Wordy Wednesday: Serious Pleasure



We take things in life so seriously sometimes. Every little thing seems like its the end of the world. We might as well take our pleasure as seriously as we can take our pain.

Happy Wednesday.

Wax, Pluck or Thread? Pick your pain.

Hi Blog Friends. How are ya!?

Do I have any eyebrow pluckers/waxers/threaders out there?

Recently I got a recommendation from a friend who, instead of having her eyebrows waxed or plucked, threads them. It’s the same concept of cleaning up and shaping your brows, except its done carefully with a tiny piece of thread. Cool uh?

I thought I would give this a try.

My eyebrows and I do NOT have a good relationship. I think I once waxed or plucked them too much and the hair never grew back. My eyebrows are the ONLY place this occurs…go figure!! I try not to mess with them too much because they don’t seem to have much salvage unless I were to go really thin which I refuse to do. And so they are just there, semi-unshapen most times.  I just touch them up every few months or so. I let someone else shape them because well, I can’t be trusted with those types of tools.

After my first experience with threading…I was pleasantly surprised. They can sure do a lot with that little piece of string!

Here come my amazing photo skills…ready….


Someone get her a mini comb…stat!


The craziness calmed down…a bit

Here’s a before and after combo:

It may just look like I brushed them down but in reality, a tiny asian woman who didn’t seem to speak any English but who I nevertheless communicated with beautifully, used a small little thread to remove excess hair and shape my brows as best she could. Did it hurt? Sure. A little bit. But no more or less than plucking and waxing. And red blotches than waxing can leave behind.

And pain is beauty right? (I really hate whoever came up with that saying…especially since they are so right)

Have any of you tried threading? Do you like it better than the alternative? What torture pain method do you prefer? Any suggestions?

I just realized these pics were taken before Memorial Day and being that Labor Day has now come and gone, maybe its time for another clean up.

If you live in the MIA, let me know if you are interested in trying out threading and I’ll point you in the direction of my threader friend. (I use the term “friend” very loosely)


Wordy Wednesday: The Most Interesting Man in the World has Netflix, too!

Wordy Wednesday doesn’t always have to be deep…

This one was too good not to share.



Being that I just watched about 10 episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix this past weekend, I felt this was very appropriate.

Or how about the time I watched the entire Friday Night Lights series in like a few weeks.

Yea, I need a life. I know.

Happy Wednesday!



Recipe Review: Banging Grilled Shrimp Skewers

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I love pinning (who doesn’t) and I add a lot of recipes to my life via the site. Recently I pinned a picture of Banging Grilled Shirmp Skewers from SkinnyTaste.com and I received the most comments and repins of any of my pins…ever!

People sure do like the look of that shrimp! But did the taste match? Here’s my review.

First off, it really couldn’t be easier. Secondly, it was delish and everyone loved it.

I started by mixing the four main ingredients: Siracha, Thai Sweet Chile Sauce, Scallions and Light Mayo.

Easy Peasy.

Next, I added a little salt and pepper to the raw shrimp.

Then stuck about 5 shrimp on each skewer, brushed on the sauce and was ready to put them on the grill!

You leave them grilling on each side for about 6-8 minutes and….


Banging Grilled Shrimp Skewers!


Everyone really like them and even wished I had made extra sauce for dipping. I loved them too though I feel they would go best as a compliemnt to a piece of steak or fish or lobster and rather than its own. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this recipe from Gina over at Skinny Taste!

 Have any of you Repinners actually made the recipe? How did it come out? Anyone want to make it now after seeing the pictures?

Feel free to share your thoughts!


What Not To Pin, DIY, Buy or Wear. One Woman’s Opinion.

Have you ever seen that show What Not to Wear? Well, neither have I but I’ve heard the title and I can assume the show’s concept is, well, what NOT to wear. I feel similarly towards a lot of Pinners and Internet goers out there. Sometimes I come across an image of something and automatically think, “Oh no. Don’t pin that! Don’t make that! Don’t wear that!”

Sure, you CAN, make an entire floor out of glued pennies…the question is…why on God’s green earth would you want to?

Basically: Just cause you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Kinda like…

Same concept!

Now, I am 100% aware that these are all very very relative/arbitrary judgments/opinions as each person has their own tastes, styles, and opinions. As well they should! And so these are only my opionions…on other people’s styles. To each their own right?

Here are a few of the images I’ve seen that illicit the “really?!?” response in my mind.

Here is said Penny Floor. I mean not only does it look like the most horribly tedious job ever…who thinks this looks cute?

There HAS to be a better way to adorn your chair than with these apples.

I know we all loved the famous 90’s brainteaser toy Rubik’s Cube but is a purse necessary?

If you think this looks cool, I totally agree with you. It is very neat. But would you display it in your home? Aren’t there better ways to showcase photos?

I know flip-flops equal summer but…No. Just…No.

I know funky nails are all the rage these days but where do we draw the line? I thought less was more?

I’m all for being festive but really..again with the nails?

I’m a 90’s kid too, people. I know we used to love these games (we didn’t have ipads) but a rock, paper, scissors necklace? Let’s stick to using those 3 to decide who gets the last slice of pizza, not to wear around our necks.

I just honestly, not sarcastically, don’t understand the need. Aren’t there so many other votive options? And cheap ones too!

We all love Beauty and the Beast and this is super fun and whimsical but I don’t know about spending money on it and having it as a focal point in your house.

I LOVE The Hunger Games. Love. But this necklace…is it necessary?

A DIY Zipper necklace. W.T.F.

I hate that its seems I’m hating on these items, even thought I guess I kind of am. These are only my humble opinions and I understand not everyone will share them. I’m sure some people would walk into my house or closet and say, WTF, to a few things of mine!

Imagine if we all like all the same exact things? How boring!

Here is my Pinterest link in case you want to go through it and scrutinize! (Go easy on me, please!)

Are there any items on this list that you really agree, or really disagree, with? Have you seen anything out there that garnered itself a WTF reaction? I’d reallllllllly love to know! I’d love to see what the rest of the world considers bizarre.

Let me know!



Wordy Wednesday: Every little thing…is gonna be alright.

Whether it’s from a Bob Marley song, a sign on Pinterest or advice coming from a friend…it’s still a good one. One I’m told often…one I give often.

If not today, eventually we’ll be alright.

Happy Wednesday, kids! We’re halfway through.