Welcome July

With the start of a new month, there are always new possibilities. It’s almost like a mini New Years Eve, every 30 days or so.

Going with that idea (as far fetched as it may sound), I’ve been making mini “Goals for the Month” lists every month, similar to a New Years resolution list.

A little motivation never hurt nobody.

Here is my list for this month.

What’s on yours?


1- Get a tan. Real, fake or otherwise. You are Hispanic and you live in the Sunshine State. There is no excuse for your paleness.

2- Get bike fixed. It’s just way too hot for running.

3- Read at least 2 books. There’s literally nothing on TV. You have no excuse. Just started this one.

4- Blog more. Well, this post is a good start…

5- Ebay all the things you’ve been meaning to sell. It’s possible money just sitting there.

6- Pictures. Learn to take better ones thru online classes, You Tube videos and other tutorials. About.com always has good links.

7- Be healthier. Eat more fruits, less carbs. Wake up to workout at least3-4 times a week.

There you have. Short and sweet…and manageable.

Happy 4th of July week, friends!

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