Book Reviews: Unbroken & Where We Belong

Hi Friends,

Since summer is wrapping up, I thought I’d review some books for you that I read during this season of longer days and Tv show hiatus. I always love getting book recommendations and reviews from other people so I thought I’d return the favor. I keep it short and sweet so there are no spoilers.

Here we go…


I can’t say enough about this book. It was beautifully written, heart wrenching to read at times and yet I couldn’t put it down. While calling it a story of resilience feels like an understatement, that’s exactly what it is. Resilience that comes from a level you didn’t think the human spirit could be tested.

For those that don’t know, this is the story of Louie Zamperini, the child of Italian immigrants, an adolescent troubler maker, an olympic athlete, and a World War 2 bombardier. His story is incredible at every turn and the title of the book is so fitting when you realize that after any tragedy there can be triumph. I highly recommend this book. It’s the type that stays with you, long after you’ve read the last page.

In a lighter,  more chick lit type category, we have Where We Belong.

You may be familiar with Emily Giffin’s work, especially Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I’ve read all her books but those two were my favorite and of course Something Borrowed was recently turned into a movie starring Kate Hudson.

This story follows Kirby, a high school senior from a modest, suburban family who feels different  from other kids and sometimes an outsider from her own family. While these are typical teenage feelings, Kirby is adopted, further convincing herself that her feelings of not belonging are valid. She sets out to find her birth parents believing that she will better understand herself if she knows where she came from.

The book was admittedly not my favorite and I thought it ended rather abruptly. While the story wasn’t boring and moved along rather quickly, it wasn’t necessarily a page turner. If you’re a fan of Giffins and looking for a quick, extension-of-summer-read, then it might be right for you.

I’m looking forward to my next two books that I just ordered off Amazon: Gone Girl and The American Heiress.

Anyone read any of these? Have any other recommendations for the next read? Please share!!

Wordy Wednesday: Serious Pleasure



We take things in life so seriously sometimes. Every little thing seems like its the end of the world. We might as well take our pleasure as seriously as we can take our pain.

Happy Wednesday.

Wax, Pluck or Thread? Pick your pain.

Hi Blog Friends. How are ya!?

Do I have any eyebrow pluckers/waxers/threaders out there?

Recently I got a recommendation from a friend who, instead of having her eyebrows waxed or plucked, threads them. It’s the same concept of cleaning up and shaping your brows, except its done carefully with a tiny piece of thread. Cool uh?

I thought I would give this a try.

My eyebrows and I do NOT have a good relationship. I think I once waxed or plucked them too much and the hair never grew back. My eyebrows are the ONLY place this occurs…go figure!! I try not to mess with them too much because they don’t seem to have much salvage unless I were to go really thin which I refuse to do. And so they are just there, semi-unshapen most times.  I just touch them up every few months or so. I let someone else shape them because well, I can’t be trusted with those types of tools.

After my first experience with threading…I was pleasantly surprised. They can sure do a lot with that little piece of string!

Here come my amazing photo skills…ready….


Someone get her a mini comb…stat!


The craziness calmed down…a bit

Here’s a before and after combo:

It may just look like I brushed them down but in reality, a tiny asian woman who didn’t seem to speak any English but who I nevertheless communicated with beautifully, used a small little thread to remove excess hair and shape my brows as best she could. Did it hurt? Sure. A little bit. But no more or less than plucking and waxing. And red blotches than waxing can leave behind.

And pain is beauty right? (I really hate whoever came up with that saying…especially since they are so right)

Have any of you tried threading? Do you like it better than the alternative? What torture pain method do you prefer? Any suggestions?

I just realized these pics were taken before Memorial Day and being that Labor Day has now come and gone, maybe its time for another clean up.

If you live in the MIA, let me know if you are interested in trying out threading and I’ll point you in the direction of my threader friend. (I use the term “friend” very loosely)