Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hi friends.

So, like, Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and I have no idea what to buy the mommas in my life.  I’ve gotten them the usual gifts in the past but guess what, flowers die and chocolate gets you fat. Ok, flowers are also beautiful and chocolate tastes oh so  delicious so I guess those aren’t terrible gifts…but let’s try some new ideas this year, shall we?! Together, we can make Mom proud!

I’m trying to put some thought into this year without, of course, going overboard and over budget.

Here are some ideas I’m thinking of. What do you think? Any good?

#1. Birchbox Gift subscription

BirchBox is a service that each month mails you a box filled with sample beauty products from well known and soon-to-be well known brands. The products come in trial sizes and that way you get to try all sorts of products you might not normally spring for. I know I for one hate taking a chance on expensive products in the hopes they will do what they promise. For $10 a month (including shipping!!) you get a box filled with new goodies to try every month!

They have 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. This is a GREAT gift for any lady in your life and even if you go for the 12 months, the $120 you spend will be in $10 increments each month and that doesn’t really hurt so bad.

Seriously, I think I’m might go this route for my Moms.

#2. Massages

This is one I’ve used in the past and it works out so well because really, who doesn’t love massages?! At Massage Envy you can get a 1 hour massage gift certificate including the tip for $50. We all know moms are stressed so a 1 hour massage can really go a long way.

Also be on the look out for Groupon/Living Social, Coup Tessa, etc.., deals in your city. They are always full of massage deals. Spa Finder will also help you find a spa in your area and lists any specials they may have. Score!

#3. Group Coupons

Speaking of Groupon and their friends…these can make AWESOME gifts. You know how sometimes you see something that you’d like to do but you don’t really want to spend YOUR money on it? I’m sure Mom feels the same way! But she’d love to be gifted that parasailing coupon, that city tour, that wine tasting event, that facial and blow dry combo, that brunch/lunch/dinner at a new restaurant, those concert tickets, that festival entrance, that Pilates class and so on and so forth.

#4 A family Photo Session

This has always been an idea of mine that I think my mom would love.  I’ve had a few friends take these pics with their whole family and they always come out SO nice and its such a nice memory to have. You know moms love pictures and especially of their kids & grandkids. I think your moms would LOVE and really appreciate this gift.

#5 The Usual Suspects: Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes and Handbags

As much as I love to give gifts that require thinking outside the box, I love it when people gift me the “usuals” and I’m sure Mom wouldn’t mind either. Here are my top picks:

These fun, spring capris are perfect for mom. They are, after all, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. $84 @ Nordstrom

We all know Michael Kors makes a mean watch (and shoes…and purses) and while they are the most expensive item on this list, they are relatively affordable compared to other brands with similar styles. This would look nice on mom’s wrist, don’t you think?

Bonus features: You can borrow it! Double score!

From Nordstrom- $275

Is mom a casual gal or a night diva? Either way, one of these shoes should work!

Moms love comfort and Toms= comfort. Plus, they’re cute! $43.95

How beautiful are these BCBG Pumps? And for $89?! AND if you and mom happen to be the same shoe size, well, you know where I’m going with this…

Last but not least, doesn’t every mom (or woman in general) need a big bag to store all her crap necessiteis in?

I love this watermelon colored Melie Bianco satchel for mom. It’s roomy and looks so perfect for spring/summer. $98

Some other ideas for Mom: magazine subscriptions, wine club subscriptions, a book (50 Shades of Grey for mom, anyone?), a weekend getaway for you both, cookies (Mrs. Fields is my fave), makeup, a cookbook, perfume, gift certificate to store or restaurant, an orchid, etc…….

So what do you think? Will mom like any of these? Do you have any good ideas for Mom this year?!

Don’t keep all the good ideas to yourself…share please!

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  1. Love the Birchbox idea for me!!! I do think you’ve given me a great idea for my mom with those mint colored capris. Also, hot for mom’s are Pandora bracelets. My mom loves the one she got for Christmas – and now for every holiday we each give her a new bead that says means something special.

    • Thanks! I love the Birchbox idea for me too! And yes, Pandora charms are all the rage! I love how all the beads mean something. Moms love meaningful gifts. lol. Go for it!

  2. Xavier

     /  May 7, 2012

    All are great mothers day ideas. My favorite is the parasailing groupon. I hope to get one before mothers day.


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