Summa, Summa, Summertime!

It’s almost Summer time ya’ll!! (Did I just say ya’ll? Sorry, I’ve been catching up on Friday Night Lights and it must have stuck). Here in Miami we’re pretty lucky that its basically summertime all year round. This past Sunday, I spent the whole day at the beach and even though it’s mid-March, that’s totally normal! It’s a beautiful thing.  The only difference from now to real summer is that the water is still a little cold, at least for us Floridians it is -northerners come and think its warm.

Either way, it has me thinking about the very soon approaching beach and boating season. Additionally, we are blessed that our new house has a pool so I’m expecting lots of pool parties and bbqs this year!

Here are some essentials I’m thinking every summertime gal/dude needs to put on their list:

Chaise lounges: A must for good tanning! I’ve been trying to hunt down a “cheap chaise lounge” forever but I’m starting to think that phrase is an oxymoron because wow, those things are pricy! I finally scored two decently priced ones last week at Big Lots.

Here are some dream set loungers and set ups.

Love the look of the uniform loungers.

These modern loungers are low to the ground yet, they look real comfy!

Now that's comfort...for two!

These are from Pottery Barn but click thru to ShantyChic for a how to DIY!

1 umbrella, 4 chaise lounges, an end table, a beautiful background and landscape and of course, a gorgeous pool complete with waterfalls. Yea, I think this would work for me.

Love how there are loungers spread out all over the pool area.

This is one of the more affordable ones I've come across. $129 from Not sure how sturdy that looks though...

Now that I have a pool, I’m looking into purchasing some fun pool items besides just noodles. Pool activites have really changed from my childhood days of playing games like Marco/Polo and Chicken! While those are still fun, here are some updated pool fun items I’d love to get my hands on!

A rock climbing wall! How freaking cool is that?!

You already have your shades on so its the perfect place to work on your Poker face!

This is for a game I like to call, Drink and Relax. This is my favorite game.

Beer pong anyone?! I actually own this little gadget! I've only played it in the ocean which didn't work out well because of the constant motion but can't wait to use it in the pool!

No summer gal or guy is complete without a cute summer outfit! Here are some summer acessories I’d love to see in my closet!

This cute $10 fedora from Target is on my things to buy list! A cute summer hat is a MUST to shield your face from those UV rays!

Bright colored bikini from VS (Sorry, body not included. I already asked).

The perfect summer shoe is the wedge. How cute are these from Target for $25?!

Did you know that Toms makes more than just shoes? Neither did I! $139 @ Nordstrom

How gorgeous are these Kendra Scott earrings? I have them in black but love this aqua color for summer!

Love this nautical bag...perfect for a summer weekend getaway!

Speaking of nautical, how cute is this simple, braided bracelet?

Once it hits mid April or so, I send my jeans into hibernation. It's just shorts, skirts and dresses from there! This is the perfect summer outfit. Light and airy.

I inserted this photo and then realized I have those shoes!! Total coincidence, I swear! Anyways, I knew I would get sidetracked into other non-home topics. To be fair, I did warn you.

But finishing up, here are a few more images to drool over. Summer lovin’ indeed!

Since one of my favorite pastimes is napping, this looks like an ideal tool for summer afternoons.

Speaking of napping, this would work nicely too. Actually, it would work perfectly.

How perfect is a private, outdoor shower after a day in the pool?

Remember those summer barbecue's I planned on having? Well how nice would they be with a built in bbq in the backyard?! Um, Yes. Please.

Well we have a lot of summer lovin’ ideas there. Some doable, some doable for the future. The far future. Either way, it’s nice to think of warm summer days, grilling with friends, cooling off in water (whether it be the ocean, lake, pool or a fire hydrant) and soaking in the sun- with sunscreen of course.

What are you some of your summer essentials?

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