Dining Room Decor

My dining room is a part of my house I’m really excited to see come together because it has so much potential. Usually, I’m all over the place with ideas but for the dining room, I’ve known for a while what I want: Rustic Table, Modern Chairs.

I saw this combo at some point and loved it ever since. Every time I see it, I love it more and I’m sure that’s what I want. But even when you know the style you want, finding the exact pieces is always hard. My biggest fear is finding what I want and the next day, month, or year, finding something I liked better. I guess it’s inevitable so picking something you are sure you love right now is the closest you’ll get to a guarantee.

What does the rustic table/modern chairs combo look like? Well like this…

Pottery Barn. $3,173.00 – $4,253.00

This is the dream table, chairs and lamp. The Dining Room Dream.

Pottery Barn. $999 for table.

World Market

Via Pinterest

Not a fan of those chairs but its the right concept.

Via Pinterest

Victoria's Armoire

I had also seen, probably on Pinterest, this modern lamp that I really liked from West Elm. As a bargain shopper, West Elm is a source for ideas more than a place for purchasing. I love most of their pieces but few of their prices. However, I did love this lamp. And my husband loved it too. A double love equals a buy. It’s simple math, folks.

West Elm- $300.00

So this pretty little lamp has been sitting in its ugly little box for about 6 months now.

It’s not one of those “we haven’t gotten around to it” type of things (though we have plenty of those), its just that we wanted to wait until we had the dining table and chairs to install the lamp, basically to do the whole room at once. Well, I’m really happy to say that at least the lamp seems to be coming out of its box this week and hopefully, going up! While I don’t have the table or chairs just yet, I am very very close!

Trying to find this rustic table has not been easy. It’s been almost as hard as finding a true gray color (we all remember that saga).

I had actually found my dream table at Restoration Hardware- another store that is for looking at pretty things but not touching any of them and much less buying them.

Aren't I so pretty?!

You can imagine my heartache when I walked into my local Restoration Hardware store for the first time, saw the dream table I had seen online, found out that particular store was closing and everything on the floor was 50% off including the table, immediately saying “I’ll take it!” and then having the salesperson tell me it was already sold. I tried bribing negotiating begging asking the salesman in a totally normal way if there was any chance that I could buy the table or any chance the person who originally purchased it had perhaps changed their minds. He said no. Like 10 times.

So much for that.

After recuperating and moving on, I continued to surf the web, peruse the stores, check out pins and even search on Craig’s List every once in a while. I actually thought Craig’s List would be my best bet since I was looking for style AND price and it turned out that I was right, but not exactly in the way I had thought. Instead of scoring a great deal on a used or new rustic table, I found someone to make me one. Ahhhhh!

And way cheaper than any I’ve seen anywhere.

Double Ahhhhh!!

I went to meet my table maker man and check out his work and it was legit! We worked out a good price and a nice style and my table is literally getting built as I type and you read. Yay!

Now I jut have to find my dream chairs….in the dream price.  I’m sure it’ll be super duper easy. 😉

Here are some ideas!

World Market- 2 for $279.88

Home Decorators. $79.00 (sale)

Ikea- Henriksdal $69.99

Love, love, love, love, love. Restoration Hardware- $$399 - $479

World Market 2 for $299.98

West Elm $169.00 – $676.00 (On Sale) Love the blue/gray color.

Z Gallerie $299.00

Z Gallerie $349.00

Wish me luck!

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  1. I love the look of a rustic table and modern chairs! I’ll keep my eye out for some modern chairs for you. I was telling Van that my friend and I go garage sale-ing every weekend in my neighborhood. My neighborhood had at least 7-12 garage sales each weekend, sometimes we find good stuff so you guys should make the drive up and join us! One time we found a woman who owned a furniture design business and she had a truck load of amazing furniture!! We were in heaven!!!

    • Wow thanks! Please let me know if you come across any good chairs! And I’ve been totally wanting to go Garage Sale shopping! I want to scoop up some good finds I’m always hearing people talk about. I’d love to join you guys! Maybe we’ll get lucky and come across that designer lady again! lol

  2. Wowowowow! I can’t believe you found a table man! I want one! LOL He can probably build all sorts of things from wood, right?? Hmmm….

    Anyway, love the look so much! Try looking for chairs at Overstock.com. They have great deals on chairs, and they’re really nice too!

    Oh, and love the lamp! I was between that one and the one with the glass links—went with the glass links. Hey, just thought about it—I never blogged it! Will do ASAP 🙂

    • I knooooow! I can’t believe I found a table man either! I’m excited/nervous about the outcome but I will definitely post pics when I get it so you guys can see. If you want the contact info, just let me know!!

      I did a quick browse at Overstock.com the other day and didn’t find much but I think I have to look a little more in depth. Thanks for the tip! And how funny that we almost got the same lamp from West Elm! Great minds think alike. 😉
      Share yours with us!


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