Medals are a Girl’s Best Friend

So this past weekend I participated in my 3rd Half Marathon at the ING Miami Marathon event, where their tagline is “Run Famous, Run Miami” (I kind of love that). My road to running happened over night and I literally went what felt like 0 to 100 in a short amount of time being that I had NEVER run to then training for a half marathon. I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t going to “100” would be the Full Marathon? No, that would be 0 to like 1000. That is a whole other ball game that I’m still not sure I’ll ever tackle though its definitely on my bucket list.

There’s a lot of emotion that goes into every race and a lot of pride that you walk away with after every finish and wouldn’t you know it, they also give you something nice and shiny to walk away with to remind you of that emotion and pride: a medal!

Check out this year’s medal honoring the 10th Year anniversary of the ING in MIami.

Ain’t she pretty?! Well now I have three of these babies and I’m starting to wonder what I should do with them.  It doesn’t seem right to keep them hidden in a drawer or closet somewhere. I did some research and found some great medal holder options on Etsy! Problem is, I’m not sure which one to choose! What do you guys think?


I like this one because I can pretend that that is actually the Miami Skyline in the background AND the saying is so cute and perfect!  I love phrases with double meanings. Check out my new running headband for perfect example! heehee. $26.99



Like this one too because guess what…I DO run like a girl! $28


This one is really simple and kinda perfect because I have exactly 3 medals and they are all from 13.1 miles. BUT, I know I’ll have a new medal again someday soon so not sure if I want to get something bigger OR stick to something like this to show off just my top 3  faves? Hmmmm. $18.00 


I like the color of this one and though the wording looks simple enough, I feel like I’d be lying to myself. Confession: I don’t always love running. In fact, sometimes I downright hate it. It’s a love/hate thing you see. Did I mention my legs and body are currently aching in ungodly ways from this past race? Well, they are. So you understand my love/hate thing. But hey, pain is temporary, pride is forever. $28


I like the pink and I like the font! It’s simple and still gives me room for two more shiny medals. $18.00


So we have some good choices here! First I have to pick one and then decide what room to put it in! I like the idea of displaying at least a few medals to showcase an accomplishment similar to a diploma or trophy. Let me know what your top picks are!  And hey, anyone in the Miami area interested in “running famous” next year? Let me know and I’ll introduce you to my amazing team. Then we’ll find YOU a medal holder!

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is…


Hola blog world! I’m excited to join the blogosphere with my first ever solo blog! Woohoo! Go easy on me please!

I say “solo” because I used to contribute to a blog made up of different women authors ranging on different, fun topics and after that ended due to time constraints for everyone, I always stayed with the itch to keep writing, blog style. I finally found a good time and topic to focus on! My background story goes a little like this:

I’m a 5 years married newlywed living in Miami, FL.  After 5 happy years in our smaller townhouse, the hubs and I recently bought and moved into our 2nd home, a bigger house and possibly our “forever” home. Or at least our “we’re staying here a really long time” home.

I have a seriously intense and long list of things I want/need to do to this house that range from changing a wall color to demolishing and renovating an entire room. Sometimes (most times) the list of projects to do is a little daunting but I repeat to myself the same advice everyone else gives me: little by little. Though like most of us, I’d like do it all and do it all right now, I know that’s impossible. And where would the fun in that be anyways right? One tiny problem is that I can be um, creatively challenged at times (Gasp! a blogger who isn’t super creative?! Yes, they exist). But though I’m not crafty in many ways,  I do make up for it in other ways.I can’t really explain it, you’ll just have to stick around to see what I mean.

The idea of this blog is to share my home renovations, and then some, with you and hopefully receive some (or lots) of inspiration back. My self diagnosed ADD will never let me stick to just one subject so I’ll probably be all over the place with topics.

So you can get to know me a bit further, here’s a little more about me:  I love good food, great wine, cold beer, running, reading, incessant TV watching at times, traveling at any opportunity I can, babies (yes, even other people’s babies), puppies (from afar, I’m so allergic), writing things in parenthesis (can you tell?), Oreos, napping, chap stick, my crazy (and sometimes beautiful) family, my beautiful (and mostly crazy) friends, my (always) crazy and beautiful husband, the ocean (which works out nicely in Miami) and bargain shopping elevated to an art form. I could keep going but I’ll leave you intrigued to know more (I’m sure you’re all at the edge of your seats). I sincerely hope you’ll stick around, enjoy the posts, and throw feedback my way whenever possible.